Our focus is on building trusted relationships with our law firm clients. We earn that by offering value-added, responsible and affordable funding solutions to help manage a plaintiff's financial challenges, not compound them.

While other litigation lenders claim to offer competitive financing rates, their hidden admin fees, increases in rates over time, and monthly compounding all add up to excessively high costs. This can consume your client's future settlement, which you will bear the burden of explaining to them.

Our in-house Loan Assessment Team is comprised of over half a dozen legal professionals located across Canada with a combined 180+ years of personal injury litigation experience. Our process is fast and efficient, but also protects you and your clients from the potentially disastrous consequence of too large a loan offered too early in the litigation, and at too high a cost.


Preferred Program

The preferred program facilitates faster, easier access to settlement loans for our committed law firm clients.

Investing in relationships

The reward for a job well done is quite simple: a call from you to help your next client in need. It is these small investments, one client at a time, that over a decade have earned us trusted relationships with over a thousand of Canada’s leading personal injury law firms.

For Your Clients

Treatment Financing

The denial or exhaustion of a plaintiff’s insurer benefits can prolong the recovery process and impede an accident victims’ ability to mitigate damages. BridgePoint’s Treatment Financing Program is designed to ensure that plaintiff’s maintain access to vital med/rehab and related treatment services in the absence of paid benefits, maximizing their recovery prospects.

Note to Counsel: Our financing commitment letters, or “term sheets”, can serve as notice to defendants that any treatment financing costs incurred will be sought as additional damages.

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