For Individuals: Our innovative solutions include Settlement Loans, Inheritance Loans, Divorce Loans and Expropriation Financing.
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Understanding The Lending Process

August 9, 2018

Our team of over 30 dedicated staff members are focused on providing a fast and efficient application process - with loans often provided wthin 24 hours of applying.

Step 1. Application

Our simple online application is completed by you or your lawyer (or a law firm representative). If you prefer, simply call us at 1-888-800-4966 and a BridgePoint representative will complete the application for you.

You can access our settlement loans application here:

Step 2. Assessment

Once received, your application will immediately be assigned to a BridgePoint Assessment Team member to review. Please note you must be represented by a lawyer and have an active legal claim in any of the following areas to be eligible for a BridgePoint loan.

  • Personal Injury (excluding medical malpractice)
  • Product Liability
  • Employment / Wrongful Dismissal
  • Family Law (Divorce Loans)
  • Estates (Inheritance Loans)

In accordance with the OTLA Policy on Litigation Loan Companies, we will contact your lawyer (or law firm representative) for information about your file as a part of our assessment process. We strongly advise you to avoid any litigation lender who does not.

Step 3. Approval & Loan Advance

Immediately once your loan has been approved (or otherwise), you will be contacted by a BridgePoint representative. If you are approved and accept our loan offer, BridgePoint will automatically provide the loan documentation by email (or fax) for your review and execution (which can all be done online and within a matter of minutes). Once we receive the executed loan documents, loan proceeds are automatically provided by wire transfer or EFT to any account of your choosing.

A Note on Timing

Once we receive the application and any requested materials from your lawyer, we can generally approve the loan within 24-48 hours.

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Understanding The Lending Process