Banks never have and never will offer an adequate source of funding to personal injury legal practices.

The Problem

The restrictive lending models adopted by banks are especially problematic for newly established or rapidly growing firms. A traditional source of alternate funding – experts waiting for payment until settlement – is no longer commonly offered and is problematic for experts.

BridgePoint’s Solution

Unlike traditional lenders, BridgePoint understands the correlation between lawyers’ disbursement investments today, and fees realized tomorrow.

As Canada’s largest and most experienced litigation financing company, our specialized funding solutions are designed to help our law firm clients grow their practices, while addressing the cash flow fluctuations inherent in their contingency fee arrangements.

How It Works

Expert completes and invoices law firm for their assessment. Invoice includes an assignment notice to pay BridgePoint (not expert) upon resolution of file.

Expert immediately sells invoice to BridgePoint (at a slight discount to the invoice amount).

Upon eventual settlement of underlying file, law firm pays invoice to BridgePoint per assignment notice. If more than 2 years old, interest from the 2 year mark is also paid.

Our Expert Partners

BridgePoint has partnered with a rapidly growing roster of hundreds of individual specialists, and regional and national medical assessment companies covering every discipline.

Contact us to learn more about the experts accessible under our program in your area.

Unlock the ability to access top expert reports.

Contact us to learn more about Expert Access from BridgePoint.

“I was very satisfied will my experience with Bridgepoint, everyone was very helpful and friendly, all my questions were answered quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend anyone to Bridgepoint.”

- Marla VB, Client of Auger Hollingsworth

“Bridgepoint understood the urgency of my loan and acted very quickly to process my application. The staff I worked with went beyond call of duty. Processed my application at the highest priority even worked on my application after hours. I received the funds in less than 48 hours ... Amazing! Thanks again BridgePoint. You guys rock!”

- Client of Litwiniuk & Associates

"My client received a loan of $5,000 from you, and she then borrowed $5,000 from another lender. BridgePoint's interest was under $700. For less time on the same amount, the interest was over $1,600 from the other lender... more than double BridgePoint! Your company has been telling me for years that you are different and now I'm certain of it!"

- Paul Lee & Associates

“I was hit by a car while cycling and in the hospital for five weeks with multiple skull fractures. I was unable to work, my life was very stressful, my finances were gone and BrigePoint saved the day! I'm thankful that they relieved my financial stress and allowed me to be a little more positive in my recovery. Thanks again.”

- Client of Bronson Jones Injury Lawyers

"We received excellent and professional service from BridgePoint Financial during our time of need."


- Tammy, Client of Kane, Weiler and Shannon

“BridgePoint was there for me when I needed them.”

- Randy G, Client of Greg Monforton and Partners

“Bridgepoint was my saving grace, not only did they pull me out of a hole, they helped to make sure I didn't fall back in. Their service was fast, friendly and effective! Thank you so much everyone on the Bridgepoint team!”

- Dawn P, Client of Preszler Law

“I am going through a very difficult time, and I can't begin to explain how thankful I am for the friendly, understanding and professional people at Bridgepoint.”

- Client of Yazdani Law

“Thank you so very much for helping me bridge these many difficult months between my loss and eventual settlement, effortlessly, quickly and with the greatest of convenience. I'm not sure how I could have otherwise managed to keep myself and family afloat and we are all very grateful.”

- Christopher L, Client of Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP

"When I came into a difficult financial situation, BridgePoint gave me the help I needed, when I needed it."


- Client of Ryan Naimark

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